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Our Team


Our team at TEYH has the strong knowledge and understanding of early years and child development.

Our team: 
• Have relevant early years qualifications

• Years of experience in early years

• Enjoy being around young children
•Have an interest in child development
• Have a great understanding of imagination and creativity.
• Carry patience and enthusiasm.
• Have  caring and kind nature and attitude towards supporting the workforce
• Willingness to share their own experiences

Training / Workshops

 Trainings /Workshops will help and give opportunities to concrete experience, share knowledge with confidence, learn new strategies and be self-reflective.

Good teamwork matters to families because it means that they experience a predictable, consistent and positive approach to the care and education their child receives. 

Staff Training

Building a strong staff team is vital and central to form strong early years leadership. To have a happy and positive environment, effective teamwork is essential in an early years setting. If the environment is happy and positive, children and young people will flourish well.

Inclusion in Early Years

In early years it is important to make sure that every child is valued and understood as an individual. Every child develops and progresses at their own pace. Therefore, by having an inclusive approach, it not only allows children and young people to thrive in their community but also contributes to the understanding and appreciation of diversity by children and young people and helps to build a more just society.  

Coaching / Mentoring

Coaching / Mentoring in early years is one of several and most effective  professional development approaches. This approach proves to be positive and strengthens the understanding within the early years profession. It facilitates an improved teacher instruction to promote the best outcomes in children from an early start in life.  This also enables self-awareness that helps to build confidence, motivation & resilience.

Parenting Session

An approach that helps parents/carers to understand and recognise a young child's development. This will allow parents and families of young children to be aware of their child's behaviours, along with the knowledge of physical, social and emotional development in the early years of a child's life. Our events will provide encouragement and supporting strategies for children. 

The Early Years Wellbeing Programme

EYWP is a set of workshops which looks at aspects of a child’s development from birth to primary 3. Our workshops will allow attendees to see and learn how milestones can be met in a fun and relaxing way. Workshops are for parents, practitioners and other professionals who work in early years. These workshops can be delivered in various languages. Although each workshop will concentrate on one topic, all workshops will be based on a shared vision of parents, practitioners and other professionals engaging with children through play,wellbeing and meeting milestones.

Communities Wellbeing Programme

The Communities Wellbeing Programme (CWP) supports famillies , young children, youth and professionals. CWP

Support personal development, aim to build positive and healthy people within communities. Raising awareness around topics that promote positivity within oneself/communities.

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